Sustainability is assuming an increasingly important role for the supplier management of many companies. According to their mission statements and principles, such companies do not align their procurement procedures with financial, technical and process-related criteria. They also place great importance on social and ecological aspects such as human rights protection, the fight against corruption, and environmental conservation.

Our sustainability approach for supplier management is based on two elements:

  • Risk analysis: Risk analysis, self-assessments and incident-related audits are used in order to detect potential risks early on. At the same time these serve to check if the basic principles and requirements according to our Supplier Code of Conduct are fulfilled.
  • Supplier development: We consider supplier development to be a joint process together with the supplier. Based on the results of the risk analysis, the development requirements of a supplier can be calculated for individual subject areas.

We help you to centrally control your supplier management and continuously develop your purchasing and supply chain management.