Risk management

Shortage of raw materials and unforeseen bottlenecks in the entire value chain, from purchasing to logistics can have serious implications for your business. In such cases, not only your own delivery capacity is at risk, but also that of your clients. We help to reduce these risks through a structured and sustainable approach.

When searching for new suppliers, partners and suppliers often much time and money has to be invested, you want to bridge supply shortages caused by unforeseen problems in the supply chain. Vote tasks and negotiations with new suppliers take a long time to complete. By volatile commodity markets and increasing globalization in the global procurement markets, the risk in the area of ​​procurement activities is steadily increasing and often complicates long-term planning.

At the beginning of these developments is the purchasing and supply chain management, the need to ensure long-term security of supply at competitive costs. JRL-BOSSERT Consulting supports its customers with the necessary know-how, organizational skills, and above all with the time that is often lacking in a purchasing department to build up a holistic risk management system. It is important for us that a sustainable strategy of risk minimization is achieved by the increasing aggravation of the risk situation.

We help you to develop the appropriate measures to reduce the risk in your supply chain to reduce to a minimum and thus to achieve increased process reliability.

Identify hazards

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Rate risks

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Plan, implement and monitor actions

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