The JRL-Bossert Consulting Academy offers a training programme for all functions in the areas of purchasing and supply chain management. Our service portfolio includes training for all main, controlling, and guiding functions. This way we can guarantee that your employees are sufficiently qualified in order to complete their daily tasks in a holistic and target-oriented manner.

“Highly trained employees in purchasing and supply chain management increase your profits and your competitive position”

There is no doubt that the success of a business endeavour is directly influenced by the value contributions of your purchasing and supply chain management. A company’s financial results are significantly shaped by a professional and well-trained purchasing department and a truly optimised supply chain management. A well-organised, professional purchasing and supply chain management contributes significantly to your company’s savings and is therefore a fundamental factor for your competitive capacity on the market.

We will be happy to design a custom-made training programme for you according to your individual wishes and requirements.